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Phone: (631) 727 3241   ·   Fax: (631) 727 4424


The grass collection at East Coast Nurseries is comprised of over 30 cultivars ranging in variety from Calamagrostis to Schizachyrium. Increasingly popular, grasses provide year-round interest and are generally quite easy for almost anyone to grow: they are deer resistant, drought tolerant, and, in most cases, require only basic maintenance. It is no wonder that grasses are more often being utilized in a wide variety of landscape designs and garden sites.
At East Coast Nurseries, we are proud to offer a variety of colors, habits, and sizes within our grass collection. Whether they are used to ll spaces and offer textural contrast to owering plants, or simply featured on their own in the landscape, your customers are sure to enjoy the ease and beauty our grasses will provide season after season.

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